Our fur­ni­ture is syn­ony­mous with com­fort, warmth and pro­tec­tion. It puts peo­ple at the cen­tre of attention.

Tables, chairs, bench­es, stools – some­thing spe­cial for every room. Whether in your loft, chalet, restau­rant or hotel: We have the right piece of fur­ni­ture for every occa­sion that cen­tres on peo­ple. Fur­ni­ture by stuben21 means com­fort, warmth and secu­ri­ty. It speaks to our long­ing for roots, for the very beginning.

Draw­ing on a tra­di­tion that is cen­turies old, we have tak­en the heart of Alpine liv­ing cul­ture – the Stube – and rein­ter­pret­ed it, free­ing it of any ten­den­cy towards kitsch or arbi­trari­ness. We have put, once again, mate­ri­als and the func­tion at cen­tre focus – serv­ing the com­fort of the user. Apro­pos mate­r­i­al: Ever since the Stone Age, wood has been used for con­struc­tion and heat­ing. The very roots of our liv­ing cul­ture go all the way back to wood. So what could be more nat­ur­al than design­ing our ®Evo­lu­tion based on this pri­mor­dial mate­r­i­al. And then per­fect it with pearl-sand­ed stain­less steel. All our tim­ber is sourced from pro­tect­ed, nat­ur­al growth forests. Each and every one of the 21 pieces in our fur­ni­ture col­lec­tion is pro­duced in a small manufactory.

We con­scious­ly dis­pense with dec­o­ra­tion. You won’t find any gra­tu­itous fea­tures here. What does stand out, how­ev­er, is a com­mit­ment to tra­di­tion­al mate­ri­als and tech­niques, as well as high-qual­i­ty craftsmanship.

The focus of our col­lec­tion: the table – a cen­tral meet­ing place as old as mem­o­ry itself. This can be a meet­ing with one­self, the fam­i­ly or with friends. stuben21’s fur­ni­ture is made for liv­ing in the very best way – made for every­day life, but not com­mon­place. It is per­son­al (bespoke fur­ni­ture), yet has an inher­ent valid­i­ty that goes beyond geo­graph­ic and social bor­ders. Made with hon­est and sus­tain­able mate­ri­als, sim­ple yet comfortable.

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