Our furniture is synonymous with comfort, warmth and protection. It puts people at the centre of attention.

Tables, chairs, benches, stools – something special for every room. Whether in your loft, chalet, restaurant or hotel: We have the right piece of furniture for every occasion that centres on people. Furniture by stuben21 means comfort, warmth and security. It speaks to our longing for roots, for the very beginning.

Drawing on a tradition that is centuries old, we have taken the heart of Alpine living culture – the Stube – and reinterpreted it, freeing it of any tendency towards kitsch or arbitrariness. We have put, once again, materials and the function at centre focus – serving the comfort of the user. Apropos material: Ever since the Stone Age, wood has been used for construction and heating. The very roots of our living culture go all the way back to wood. So what could be more natural than designing our ®Evolution based on this primordial material. And then perfect it with pearl-sanded stainless steel. All our timber is sourced from protected, natural growth forests. Each and every one of the 21 pieces in our furniture collection is produced in a small manufactory.

We consciously dispense with decoration. You won’t find any gratuitous features here. What does stand out, however, is a commitment to traditional materials and techniques, as well as high-quality craftsmanship.

The focus of our collection: the table – a central meeting place as old as memory itself. This can be a meeting with oneself, the family or with friends. stuben21’s furniture is made for living in the very best way – made for everyday life, but not commonplace. It is personal (bespoke furniture), yet has an inherent validity that goes beyond geographic and social borders. Made with honest and sustainable materials, simple yet comfortable.

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