It’s the simple things in life that make us happy.

This is the credo behind the stuben21 design concept. The merging of kitchen and Stube, or parlour, into the social axis of modern living culture thus comes as a very natural step.
The kitchen has always been more than just a place to cook; it is a source of warmth and light. By bringing the kitchen into the Stube, stuben21 creates a new and expanded space for being together, a space to freely meet, a place to cook, eat, talk, celebrate and work. This is a spot where functionality unites with living space. This is where furniture and kitchenware are designed and arranged to fit your personal needs, where the room creates its own unmistakably individual atmosphere, perfectly fitted to its occupants.
stuben21 steps away from impersonal standardization and towards personal style. The stuben21:kitchen, designed in collaboration with international market leaders Miele and Intuo, lives from the harmony of carefully planned, discerning design and traditional Austrian crafting. The kitchens are built of finest quality materials and locally sourced timber. Modern appliances guarantee the utmost in ecological performance and optimum functionality.