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Our world is becoming increasingly complex and continues to change faster than ever before. But our basic human needs stay the same. Protection is one of them, as are emotional warmth and sustainability.
The greater everyday challenges become, the stronger grows our yearning for a safe haven. It is not without reason that more and more people, especially in roiling urban centres, are turning to authentic ways of life that provide security and stability. There is where the Stube, or parlour, comes in, the heart of free and informal togetherness; and the alpine chalet, the name of which comes from the Latin word cala, meaning “a protected place”. stuben21 sees the chalet as a symbol of new luxury, of simplicity and durability, arising from universal human trust, a symbol of the freely developed art of life and dependability through ever-changing eras. In the 19th century, the nobility and upper classes discovered the chalets of the French and Swiss Alps. Now, it is time to reinterpret the concept of the chalet for modern living.
For stuben21, this is about comfort with an urban aesthetic: fine natural materials crafted to perfection to convey timeless and elegant simplicity. The facilities are of the very latest technology, ensuring maximum functionality. Last but not least, the stuben21:urban chalet connects with the trend towards small, compact and multifunctional living units that effortlessly accommodate a wide variety of different living situations and meet the demands of modern city life almost perfectly. If less is more, small is huge.

pdfurban chalet 1

pdfurban chalet 2