What would everyday life be like without design? What would our favourite rooms be like without our favourite spots? Would we dare to advance if we couldn’t retreat?

For us, product philosophy is not just a hollow phrase; it’s the core of our work as designers. We, Nicole Horn and Peter Daniel, are two Viennese with an eye on the world, two theorists with a strong streak of practicality. Two people with one focus: the creation of simple, good things that make life even more worth living.

We are guided by the traditions of Viennese design – the “Vienna School” – above all by Adolf Loos. We feel close to his approach, and have based our ®Evolution credo on his commitment to creating new things and evolving old ones.

The stuben21 brand stands for clear forms and minimal yet comfortable furniture – our designs are timeless, practical, and cosmopolitan; from urban apartment to chalet, they adapt to the needs of the owner.

In an age of excessively fast living, this collection takes us back to the very beginning. And yet we remain committed to the present. The result: the highest possible level of comfort. We give you our word.