What would every­day life be like with­out design? What would our favourite rooms be like with­out our favourite spots? Would we dare to advance if we couldn’t retreat?

For us, prod­uct phi­los­o­phy is not just a hol­low phrase; it’s the core of our work as design­ers. We, Nicole Horn and Peter Daniel, are two Vien­nese with an eye on the world, two the­o­rists with a strong streak of prac­ti­cal­i­ty. Two peo­ple with one focus: the cre­ation of sim­ple, good things that make life even more worth living.

We are guid­ed by the tra­di­tions of Vien­nese design – the “Vien­na School” – above all by Adolf Loos. We feel close to his approach, and have based our ®Evo­lu­tion cre­do on his com­mit­ment to cre­at­ing new things and evolv­ing old ones.

The stuben21 brand stands for clear forms and min­i­mal yet com­fort­able fur­ni­ture – our designs are time­less, prac­ti­cal, and cos­mopoli­tan; from urban apart­ment to chalet, they adapt to the needs of the owner.

In an age of exces­sive­ly fast liv­ing, this col­lec­tion takes us back to the very begin­ning. And yet we remain com­mit­ted to the present. The result: the high­est pos­si­ble lev­el of com­fort. We give you our word.