Our series of talks has cre­at­ed a new inter­na­tion­al forum: a con­tem­po­rary form of salon culture.

The stuben21:talks are the foun­da­tion of a liv­ing dis­cus­sion cul­ture; they are places of oppor­tu­ni­ty and of com­ing togeth­er. They live from con­trast and dis­cus­sion, adding up to cre­ate an overview of soci­etal reality.

This is how our Stuben con­cept has become the epi­cen­tre of a new, inter­na­tion­al forum for thinkers, deci­sion-mak­ers and enablers. stuben21:talks cre­ate the frame­work for an exchange of ideas, nour­ish out­looks on life, enable debate on every­day top­ics, and make the joint devel­op­ment of new ideas pos­si­ble: ®Evo­lu­tion.

Some of our par­tic­i­pants so far:
His­to­ri­an and Club of Rome Mem­ber Prof. Hel­mut Reinal­ter; Philoso­pher and jour­nal­ist Dr. Ursu­la Baatz; Pub­lish­er Prof. Hans-Jör­gen Manstein; Anthro­pol­o­gist Prof. Horst Sei­dler; Macro­econ­o­mist Jan­willem Ack­et; Hor­mone guru Prof. Johannes Huber; Aging researcher Prof. Georg Wick; Pri­ma­tol­o­gist Dr. Jane Goodall; Cul­tur­al philoso­pher Prof. Burghart Schmidt; MAK fur­ni­ture cus­to­di­an Dr. Sebastian Hack­en­schmidt; Dirndl-mak­er Dr. Gexi Tost­mann; Pub­li­cist Ingrid Greiseneg­ger (City Farm­ing); Futur­ol­o­gist Andreas Reit­er; Clas­si­cal philol­o­gist Prof. Karl­heinz Töchterle.