Our series of talks has created a new international forum: a contemporary form of salon culture.

The stuben21:talks are the foundation of a living discussion culture; they are places of opportunity and of coming together. They live from contrast and discussion, adding up to create an overview of societal reality.

This is how our Stuben concept has become the epicentre of a new, international forum for thinkers, decision-makers and enablers. stuben21:talks create the framework for an exchange of ideas, nourish outlooks on life, enable debate on everyday topics, and make the joint development of new ideas possible: ®Evolution.

Some of our participants so far:
Historian and Club of Rome Member Prof. Helmut Reinalter; Philosopher and journalist Dr. Ursula Baatz; Publisher Prof. Hans-Jörgen Manstein; Anthropologist Prof. Horst Seidler; Macroeconomist Janwillem Acket; Hormone guru Prof. Johannes Huber; Aging researcher Prof. Georg Wick; Primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall; Cultural philosopher Prof. Burghart Schmidt; MAK furniture custodian Dr. Sebastian Hackenschmidt; Dirndl-maker Dr. Gexi Tostmann; Publicist Ingrid Greisenegger (City Farming); Futurologist Andreas Reiter; Classical philologist Prof. Karlheinz Töchterle.


most recent stuben21:talks