®Evolution: Our whole lives, we have both been accompanied by a passion for seeking the origins, the wellspring and the transformation of traditional design concepts into the present.

In the beginning there were words. And a place where people talk is a place where you can settle down and stay a while. But what would settling down be without shelter? And what would a dwelling be without the right furnishings? You see? And that’s where we enter the game. Nicole Horn and Peter Daniel. Two Viennese designers who feel at home anywhere in the world.

We have been managing the stuben21 furniture manufactory and concept lab together since 2003. Over these ten years of collaboration, we have become one with our idea, in both thought and action. This is how we create products that keep what they promise.

One might easily call us “crossovers”, as we both have degrees in law, if we didn’t also have a lifelong passion for seeking the origins, the wellspring and the transformation of traditional design concepts and forms into the present. Starting out with tradition as her source of inspiration for promising design, Nicole Horn has built up her career as a designer in Vienna and London over the course of many years.

Starting in the 1990s, Peter Daniel – a member of the Schweizerischer Werkbund and the Grazer Autorenversammlung – began to create an extensive, multifaceted work of concrete and visual poetry. Again, the link to fundamentals is key: a primary theme of his work is the sensual experience of language, writing and nature as text.